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Used Bottle Washer Bodini up to 3000 bph.

Introduction to the Used bottle washer Bodini up to 3000 bph
Firstly, efficiency in bottling is a pivotal aspect for the beverage industry. The used Bondini bottle washer, model Nexus, stands out as an ideal solution for those seeking high performance. Impressively, it guarantees processing up to 3000 bottles per hour (BPH). Constructed in 1996, this machine expertly combines advanced technology with robustness, offering a dependable cleaning solution for glass containers. Thus, it represents a significant advantage for operations requiring high throughput.

Technology and Performance
Moreover, the Nexus by Bodini is equipped with six washing rows, enabling the treatment of various bottle formats, ranging from 0.375 L to 2 L. This versatility leads to greater efficiency in handling different sizes. Additionally, its internal/external cleaning system, which includes label removal by pulping, ensures that containers are not only thoroughly but also gently cleaned, preserving their integrity. Such a comprehensive approach to cleaning underscores the machine’s adaptability and efficiency.

Heating System and Safety
Furthermore, the inclusion of a heat exchanger and three soda baths is paramount for an effective cleaning process. Importantly, the used bottle washer Bodini up to 3000 bph prioritizes operator safety, integrating several features designed to protect users during its operation. This emphasis on safety, combined with efficient cleaning capabilities, enhances the overall value of the machine.

Energy Efficiency and Maintenance
Despite its age, the machine has been well-maintained and is currently in storage, ready to be redeployed. It has clocked in 5500 working hours, indicating its durability and reliability over time. Operating at 380 V, 15 kW, and 50 Hz, the machine also showcases an attention to energy efficiency, a crucial consideration for reducing operational costs.

Operational Versatility
The machine’s ability to handle a single bottle entry streamlines the operational process, making it easier to manage. With its comprehensive cleaning type, which tackles both inside and outside of the bottles and effectively removes labels by pulping, it ensures a high-quality cleaning standard. The presence of manuals and safety features further enhances its usability, ensuring that operators can maintain and operate the machine with ease and safety.

Conclusion of the Used bottle washer Bodini up to 3000 bph
In conclusion, the used Bodini Nexus bottle washer exemplifies the perfect blend of technology, reliability, and efficiency in the bottling sector. Capable of handling up to 3000 bph and accommodating a wide range of bottle formats, it offers a highly flexible and efficient solution for cleaning needs. Its robust construction, coupled with advanced safety features, energy efficiency, and operational versatility, make it an intelligent choice for those in search of a reliable, high-performing second-hand machine. This makes the Nexus model not just a piece of equipment but a cornerstone for any beverage production line looking to maximize efficiency and safety.