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4/3-directional valve, NG 6 (Bosch-Rexroth) H-piston, 230 V AC
4/3-directional valve, NG 6 (Bosch-Rexroth) H-piston, 230 V AC Item number: 4WE6H6X/EW230N9K4




These solenoid-operated way valves are used in hydraulic systems predominantly for starting, stopping and changing the direction of flow of the liquid. Using NG 6 the pressure valve, the flow control valve and the check valve sandwich plates are arranged like a stack to form a circuit in the smallest space possible.
Body: Spheroidal cast iron, internal parts: Steel, seals: NBR
Temperature range:
-30°C to +80°C
Hydraulic oils on the basis of mineral oil (viscosity: Bosch Rexroth: 2,8 – 500 mm²/s, alternatively: 20 – 400 mm²/s)
Control voltages:
Standard: 24 V DC, 230 V AC, upon request other voltages
Voltage tolerance:
± 10 %
Protection class:
IP 65
Operating pressure:
0 to 350 bar
Nominal flow:
Up to approx. 80 l/min (request pressure loss curves if required), we recommend usage up to approx. 40 l/min
The connection pattern NG 6 is standardised in accordance with DIN 24340-A6, ISO 4401-03, CETOP R 35 H-03 and NFPA-D03. The valves must be attached with screws of strength class 12.9.
Scope of delivery:
Valve including seals, without screws and plugs.
Please do not forget to order screws and valve plugs.
function4/3-directional valve
Schematic symbolH
Control voltage230 V AC
Power consumption (AC) [VA]50
compatible standard connectorST 03
suitable screws (4 pcs. per valve required)912-M5X50 12.9
Spare solenoid coil4WE6MAG230V
A [mm]203,6
C [mm]85,5
Screw length [mm]50
Further information:
Weight1,7 kg / pcs
Customs duty number84812010